In our wine-cellar U Konšelů, there is place for 70 lovers of good wine. Therefore it is not proper only for small private parties but also for bigger ones.


If you are searching for a place with a harmonic atmosphere for your private party or your company, we would like to invite you to our wine-cellar U Konšelů in Mikulov. We would like to adapt to your requests and we will ensure a troublefree evening, enough quality wine and delicious snacks and dinner.
We arrange also degustations with a somelier. Come to our place to taste new wines. You will find flavours and odours that you have not discovered yet.
During one and a half hour your taste buds will enjoy different wines of high quality.
In order not to get hungry during the wine-tasting, we will prepare traditional food like cheese, homemade bread and mineral water which helps the wine to be tasted more strongly.


VISIT OF VINEYARDS – we will show you the vineyards and you will discover the change of grapes to delicious wine
LIVE MUSIC – we can organize cimbalo-music or another kind of live music
SUCKING OUT WINE OF THE BARREL WITH A WINE TASTER – you will try the traditional technique of the cellarmen to taste wine
Here you can choose one of the successful programs for companies or private parties.

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